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Live Wedding Painter - Rhyanne


Live Art is entertainment at its finest! Especially in Louisiana our guests expect it!  Rhyanne’s Art brings a unique, enjoyable experience for your guests to actually watch a professional international artist at work. Watching the occasion come to life on canvas. Everyone will want to know where they are in the painting as they become a memorable element of this “one-of-a-kind” piece of art that will be treasured always. 

“Live Painting” is actually a thing of old. It was traditionally done as a way to capture the moment, before photography was invented. It is a unique way to grasp the art of your special day. 

Rhyanne’s Art comes to your event and creates a colorful “live art painting” on site for your occasion. Setup starts 4-6 hours prior to your event and allows the artist to lay the foundation of the creation with venue and decorative elements to prepare for the final work of art- adding you and your guests to the painting! 

The artist requests a personalized consultation (in person or on phone) to ensure Rhyanne’s Art  will accomplish the desired vision of your day. Some options for your painting may include : the ceremony, the reception, the first dance, the toast, the bouquet toss, or even the cutting of the cake. It is all tailored to the bride's request. #liveweddingpainter #weddingpainter #preservation #bridal 



“Just The Two of Us”


The Bride and Groom

18” x 24” Gallery Wrapped Medium

Live Painting at Location (May require studio time)

#live wedding painter 

#wedding painting


“Joined By Love”


Include wedding party/ parents up to 6

  20” x 30” Gallery Wrapped Medium

      Live Painting at Location + 

             Studio Time 1 week        


“La Fete”


Includes 15-20 guests

   24” x 36” Gallery Wrapped 

    Live Painting at Location + 

Studio Time 1-2 weeks


“The Big Day"


Includes up to 25 guests

30” x 40” Gallery Wrapped Medium

   Live Painting at Location + 

Studio Time 2 weeks


“Our Vows”

“Our Vows”

16 x 20 Gallery Wrapped Medium

Live Painting at Location (May require studio time)


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Rhyanne's Art - Live Wedding/Event Painter




50% of package as a deposit to secure your date and book your event. Deposits are non-refundable in full. Artist will allow refund of half of deposit up until 120 days prior to event. After 120 days no refund will be given. 

Payment plans are available upon request and tailored to your needs. Balance should be paid on or before the event date. Signed agreements are also due at time of booking. 

                                               I LOVE TO TRAVEL!
Rhyanne’s Art is willing to travel out of state or the country for create your masterpiece! Travel and lodging fees for all weddings occurring outside of Lafayette Parish.  

Additional Fees for Holidays!

All booking clients will receive a high quality digital image with each package and own copyright for their painting. Artist will give necessary paperwork along with finished product. 

Thank you allowing me to be a part of your special day! Any questions or concerns, please feel free to voice. I will be glad to help in anyway I can! 

Amber Rhyanne Bayham
Lafayette, Louisiana
Instagram: @amberrhyanne
Facebook: Rhyanne’s Art Live Event/Wedding Painter 

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